"We are so much more than we seem."

"I'm working to renew a sense of creativity. excitement and ownership of personal style."

I am constantly amazed by people. The creativity, innovation, courage and character that I see in the people around me is a constant inspiration. We are so much more than we seem. Sadly in our 24/7 online-oriented world, we often make judgments about each other based on what we see on the outside. How often do we overlook, or get overlooked, because of a judgment based on our appearance?


Our outward appearance is inevitably governed by how we see ourselves, and our ability to convey something of who we are through what we choose to wear. Many people feel uncertain about what they wear, and do not have the skills to make the best choices about how others first perceive them.


I am passionate about helping individuals regain control of how the world sees them, and even more importantly, understanding and valuing themselves more deeply.  I stand against the narrow view of beauty that our western culture has adopted and I’m working to renew a sense of creativity, excitement and ownership of personal style.

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